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Porches Chicago, IL – Maintenance Tips

When a home has a porch, it becomes more versatile and has character. It can even be used as a great outdoor living area. But those that need frequent porch repair in Chicago can become nothing more than a headache. When your porch begins to falter you may find yourself trying to avoid it rather […]

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Porches Chicago, IL –  Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Porch building or porch repair is a common project during the summer months. Porch building is a project that requires the right skills and knowledge to ensure the quality of your porch. While you think you can build a simple deck, it is not a DIY job, and you need the help of professional porch […]


Questions To Ask Before Building Your Porches Chicago, IL

Why are you building porches? Your reason for building a porch is of the things that porch builders consider before the construction. The usual answers are for the overall appearance of your home, entertaining guests, your home’s additional protection from harsh weather, and increasing your home’s resale value.  Where do you plan to build the […]


What Are The Benefits Of Having A Porch?

If you are thinking about starting a home improvement project that will boost your home’s value and enhance your house’s curb appeal, installing a porch is the best way to have it. Porch construction is also a great way to add space while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home. […]


How Do Decks Differ from Porches in Chicago?

Getting the most from your yard may come in the form of creating an outdoor living space that you can enjoy as part of your home. And it all starts with a solid platform from which to build a deck or a porch. But how do decks and porches in Chicago differ? There are some […]


How to Repair Porches Chicago, IL

Many homes have porches in Chicago, largely because they are often elevated to keep the intense winter snow from blocking the doors, windows, and to accommodate a basement that isn’t entirely under ground-level. And if you have a porch that needs some TLC, porch repair in Chicago is often a better option than replacement. Some […]

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Porches & Decks – The Difference Between Them

The main difference between the two is that decks are open structures while porches have enclosures and are considered an extension of homes.  Porches in Chicago and surrounding areas can be found at the front of houses with the roof  of the house typically extended as its permanent covering. Its enclosed structure is meant to […]