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Welcome to #1 Porch Builders Chicago, IL

Chicago Porch Compliance is a part of the Solid Remodelers Inc business. We are one of the leaders in porch and decking companies in Chicago and our porch contractors are dedicated to bringing your structure to code while working with you. Our porch and deck builders in Chicago have been in business for over 15 years. We have the best and highly dedicated contractors in our team.

While working on your deck or porch, our company maintains liability insurance up to 2 million dollars.

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For a new porch construction or decking on your property in Chicago, whether it’s a single-family residence or a multi-level complex, Chicago Porch Compliance is the right solution.

With over 15 years of experience, we are at the top of the list of decking and porch companies in Chicago. Our team of porch builders understands how to work within the Chicago city code guidelines to plan and create the structure that is safe and compliant for your enjoyment.

Plus, having porch contractors in Chicago that are licensed, bonded and insured allows our customers to have peace of mind. At Chicago Porch Compliance, we do things the right way from the very beginning for every porch construction, deck building, or even deck repair in Chicago.

Make the call to Chicago Porch Compliance. We are ready to consult with you and provide a free estimate for your consideration.

Expert Porches & Deck Builders

Pass to City of Chicago Building Code

Premium Lumber #1 Grade Pressure Treated Southern Pine

Round-edging of handrails, posts & steps

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Hardware

Footing, plus Final Inspections

Guaranteed 2 Year Warranty on the labor of work

Our Porches & Deck Builders Specialize in:

Two or three-story decks & porches

New porches & porches repairs

New decks & docks repairs

New balconies & balconies repairs

Masonry service

Roofing service

Guaranteed Satisfaction & Limited Lifetime Warranty on Wood

What Our Porch Builders Chicago Can Do With Yours Porches & Decks

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As porch builders in Chicago with extensive experience, our team of professional porch contractors understands how to achieve the best possible porch for your home. We work with you and design plans that take your home into consideration so your porch construction in Chicago matches your vision and your existing architecture perfectly.

An old porch that needs attention is not only an eyesore but it’s also a serious safety hazard for your family and guests. Our porch repair in Chicago can give your existing porch a new life with the help of our expert porch contractors. Whether you need light or excessive porch repair, Chicago Porch Compliance is ready to help.

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Create an additional living space you can be proud of right in your backyard with the help of our professional deck builders in Chicago. We have decking experts that can construct any size deck with any features you want to see so you can get the most from your backyard. Enjoy an outstanding entertaining area that is custom-built for your lifestyle.

Sometimes a deck can be a cumbersome and time-consuming part of your home. When that is the case, contact Chicago Porch Compliance for our deck repair to make it right. Our experienced team leads decking companies in Chicago with a comprehensive array of services that can help you achieve the deck you want, including exceptional deck repair.

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Look What Our Porch Builders Chicago Can Make

What Makes Us Special Among Porch Companies

15 Years of Experience

Count on our experience to provide guaranteed code compliance within the city of Chicago. For decking or porch construction, we ensure any code violations are handled. Receive your free estimate upon request through our website or by calling us to benefit from our experience.

High quality materials

At Chicago Porch Compliance, whether we are working on a new porch construction or deck repair in Chicago, we use only the finest materials available. This, together with our expertise, allows us to provide the best results.

LIC #TG C021387

All our deck and porch builders in Chicago are fully licensed, bonded and insured to provide expert porch, deck, masonry, and roofing services. You can rest easy knowing that our porch contractors are fully covered to tend to all your architectural and structural engineering services.

How To Choose The Best Porch Company in Chicago, IL?

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Adding porches to your home can give it a new style. It also provides enough space for outdoor entertainment, quiet time, and bonding moments with the family. If you are looking for porch contractors or deck builders for your home in Chicago, these tips may help you pick the best one.

Search for good reviews about porch companies and decking companies in Chicago and ask for suggestions. If you have chosen a porch builder, you may ask for feedback from their previous clients to learn more about how they work. You can also check their portfolios and review some of their work to have an idea of their skills, specialties, and if they pay attention to details. Confirm if the porch construction company you want to work with has a license and gives insurance following the Chicago government’s standard. Know also the warranty options, if there are any. If you are looking from multiple porch contractors, compare the bids, and make sure they both offer quality work. If you notice any differences, ask the porch contractor in Chicago immediately to avoid settling on a cheap-looking porch design.

Questions To Ask Your Porch Contractors Chicago, IL

It can be challenging to look for the perfect porch builders near me in Chicago, thus it is important to ask the right questions:

Where do you specialize? 

This is a good criterion to know if the porch contractor can deliver the design you want using your preferred material.

Do you have a license and insurance?

A good sign that a porch builder in Chicago is reliable and credible is if they have an insurance certificate and business license.

What is the duration of the project once you start?

Get advanced booking before peak season begins. It is also important to know their timeline per project so you can plan accordingly.

Do you have a deposit charge?

Most porch contractors in Chicago charge for initial material costs. Ask their deposit rate for clarity before starting with the project.

What are your modes of payment?

Know your payment options for your convenience.

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What People Say About Our Porch Construction

Chicago Porch Compliance did an amazing job with our decking. They made deck building in Chicago easy with clear communication, a free estimate, and efficient work.
Lela Fry

I love my new porch, thanks to these porch contractors in Chicago. They made it look like an original part of the house with all the detailing I asked for.
Roy Augustine

My search through the decking companies in Chicago was thorough. I’m happy I found these professionals to create a fantastic new deck in my backyard. Their deck builders were amazing.
Marcella Gustafson

How To Care For Porches In Chicago, IL

Your front porch is the first visible part of your home; that is why it is essential to keep it clean and well maintained. Here is the best advice from our contractors in Compliance Porch Contractors in Chicago.

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Every other day and every other week, sweep your porches using a push broom; and dust the screen, windowsills, and food frames with a counter brush. 

Wash the light fixtures to get rid of the insects, rinse and dry them before putting it back again.

To keep your porches in Chicago looking brand-new throughout the year, do the following:

Remove the cobwebs, dust, and dirt buildup on your porches ceiling and wall using a stiff broom.

Using a polyester sponge, water, and mild cleaner, wash and wipe your porches’ walls. Scrub your grime with a gentle cleanser, hot water, and long-handled brush.

To get rid of mildew, wear gloves and goggles and scrub it with a deck brush and a solution of 1-part oxygen bleach and three parts water. 

Use a utility brush to clean the porches screen with a mild cleanser and water, wash them, and dry. 

If you can, paint your wooden porch floors using paint formulated for porches and floors.

Call our porches contractors in Chicago to conduct professional seasonal maintenance to your porches.

Is There A Difference Between Porch And Deck Construction For Porch Builders Chicago

A porch is the covered section found at the front of houses. Its main purpose is to welcome your guests or have a waiting area for individuals ringing your doorbells. Porches take the whole front of the house, so it requires maintenance and at times porch repair Chicago. 

Meanwhile, decks are the backdoor sectional of your house. It provides a bigger space than porches and is located at the back outdoors. Most recreational activities are done here. This is also additional space for relaxation and lounging. 

Professional porch contractors Chicago know how to work on both decks and porches. If you are looking for porch builders near me in Chicago, all you have to do is give us a call. We will accommodate you immediately.

Will a Porch Repair Chicago Add Value To My Home

If you want to improve the aesthetic and overall value of your home, porches Chicago are an excellent addition and grant your place an upgrade not just with its monetary aspect, but functionality as well. Homeowners are now enjoying their decision to add porches Chicago.

It’s only natural for homeowners to consider the value of their property in the event that they decide to sell it. Commissioning porch builders near me in Chicago, like Compliance Porches, to add a porch, increases its value in price and desirability. The average return of investment, according to sources, could net as much as 84% of your house features a porch.

Are Porches Included In Measuring Square Feet?
If it is enclosed and heated through your home’s HVAC system, then the answer is YES. If it’s an added room, heated using your home’s HVAC system, then it’s considered a sunroom. But if you use windows to enclose it instead of screens, it could be a “sun porch”.

Reviews Of Our Deck & Porches Services Chicago, IL

If you are looking for porch deck builders near me in Chicago to have your deck or porch replaced, look no further than Compliance Porch Builders. We have the expertise and skills that will make you wish you called us sooner. We have served the people of the Chicagoland area for many years, handling all their deck and porches needs. We can do deck repair, porch repair, entire deck building or porch construction and we are rated as one of the top decking companies in Chicago. 

Your porch is having a bad day. The boards are rotting, the stairs are wobbly, and you are genuinely terrified to step on it. If this sounds like you, it is time to call our experts at Compliance Porch Builders in Chicago. We have the talent, the materials, and the history with porch repair in Chicago that will give you plenty of reason to trust us with your porches. Don’t go another day afraid to use your porches if you don’t have to. Call Compliance Porch Builders in Chicago today and schedule a porch repair or deck repair on your home. If you want more proof, give us a call, or check out the list of satisfied customers in our pages of glowing reviews. You will be glad you did. Our fantastic customer reviews speak for themselves.