Porches Chicago, IL –  Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Porch building or porch repair is a common project during the summer months. Porch building is a project that requires the right skills and knowledge to ensure the quality of your porch. While you think you can build a simple deck, it is not a DIY job, and you need the help of professional porch builders in Chicago. Here are some common porch building mistakes you don’t want to make. 

  1. Not Getting Proper Permits in Place

Chicago requires a sort of permit for major building adjustments. If you’re planning to have porch construction  in Chicago, you need to secure a permit to ensure that the work is according to the code. While this process can take time and effort, it will save you a lot from being fined and repeating the work. 

  1. Not Digging or Pouring Proper Footings

The digging part and proper footing should be according to the proper building codes. Not following the building code will place you in a lot of trouble and compromise the quality of your project. 

  1. Forgetting To Factor In Any Utilities Clearances

It is important to have a concrete plan for your porch construction in Chicago. You may not think of the items you are potentially blocking access to. You may be blocking access to service items like AC Units, hoses, exterior outlets, dryer vents, and more. There must be special considerations you need to accommodate the clearances required around the utility meter where the porch is usually placed.

  1. Not Adding Proper Guardrails and Handrails

Make sure that your porch contractors in Chicago will not cut corners when it comes to high-quality guardrails and handrails. Installing high-quality guardrails, handrails, fasteners, joints, and other materials will ensure that your entire porch is safe and solid and can withstand harsh weather in Chicago. Call Compliance Porches in Chicago to achieve first-rate porch construction.