How Do Decks Differ from Porches in Chicago?

Getting the most from your yard may come in the form of creating an outdoor living space that you can enjoy as part of your home. And it all starts with a solid platform from which to build a deck or a porch. But how do decks and porches in Chicago differ?

There are some simple ways to tell the difference, and the first is location:

You can generally expect a porch to sit at the front of your home as a gateway or welcome area to your front door. It is usually sheltered overhead.
Meanwhile, a deck is normally positioned at the back or side of the home near the alternative entry or back door. This space is usually the focus of outdoor living or a recreational area.
This difference is not always the case, however. Front decks are quickly becoming more common, while back porches in Chicago can sometimes be seen in older homes. You can also find porches in Chicago that wrap around the home in a plantation-style that uses at least two sides of the structure.

The Primary Difference Between Porches and Decks

While deck and porch contractors in Chicago can provide a common design used for both, decking is usually exposed to the elements, while a porch is often a covered enclosure.

Porch Details

Your porch is designed to protect those who approach your front door from poor weather as entry into the home is awaited. It can be constructed as a rather uncomplicated structure or it could be an elaborate feature of the home’s exterior. In both cases, a porch is built into the structure of the house, making it an important part of the home, as it is fully attached. And, the overhang on the porch is usually an extension of the roof.
A large porch can include a sitting area, and porch builders in Chicago can create a partial enclosure or screening for added security.