How to Repair Porches Chicago, IL

Many homes have porches in Chicago, largely because they are often elevated to keep the intense winter snow from blocking the doors, windows, and to accommodate a basement that isn’t entirely under ground-level. And if you have a porch that needs some TLC, porch repair in Chicago is often a better option than replacement.

Some of the work you can do yourself, but if you don’t have the time, the skill, or the desire, the professional porch builders in Chicago at Compliance Porch Builders are happy to help.

Otherwise, here are the steps to the DIY approach:

    1. Remove all nails or screws from the area you intend to replace. Using a pry bar is quickest for nails, a cordless screw gun for screws. If the screws or nails can be saved, keep them for future use.
    2. Take a look at the support joist, inspecting for rot. If you can, remove any rotted wood and repair or replace any damaged joints. The bad spots will be soft and discolored.
    3. If repairing a damaged joist, a clear sealer will work well. Apply, let it dry, then apply again. Only reinforce joist with lumber that is pressure treated.
    4. Secure the reinforced joist with nails or screws to the ledger or header.
    5. To replace the deck boards, cut them from matching lumber for visual continuity and equal strength of the deck.
    6. Paint or stain the wood to finish the matching-up process. Apply the stain or paint to the entire board before affixing it to the deck.
    7. Now, just nail it or screw it on. If you have done everything correctly you should have solid porches again.

Again, if all of this seems like too much, call Compliance Porch Builders. We are the experts in porch repair in Chicago.