Porches & Decks – The Difference Between Them

The main difference between the two is that decks are open structures while porches have enclosures and are considered an extension of homes. 

Porches in Chicago and surrounding areas can be found at the front of houses with the roof 

of the house typically extended as its permanent covering. Its enclosed structure is meant to protect the guests and homeowners from unpredictable weather when staying at the porch. On the other hand, decks are bigger in size and can be typically found at the back of houses. While both porch constructions and decks in Chicago are designed for relaxation, decks can accommodate more guests. It is common to see tables and chairs laid out on deckings in Chicago, so you can eat, play games, or simply sit back and bond with friends and family. You can also add an enclosure to your deck, and have it constructed by Compliance Porches.